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Offering Machining and Fabrication Services for over 35 years

Our experience dates back to 1984 when we were building and repairing lawnmower engines. Company owner, Kevin Roberts, knew we were on to something when our efforts were recognized by VICA and the SkillsUSA organization. Of course, we started out small working out of our garage Part-Time. 

We saw a lot of late nights back in the early days and worked a lot of weekends to get engines completed for our customers. Now, here we are over three decades later working in a Contemporary Machine Shop based here in North Florida and our capabilities have never been greater. We have expanded our facility to include all new equipment including CNC machines and Computerized Dyno Services.

We start out every new engine job by cleaning-cleaning-cleaning! We pride ourselves on the fact that we can eat our meals off the shop floors, so each and every new job starts off this way so it can be brought into the clean work environment. We also pride ourselves that we work effectively and efficiently - meaning we have the personnel and equipment to turn out our jobs in a timely manner.

Our staff is fully trained and holds certifications like ASE Master Machinist and Wiotech NASCAR Engine Machining. Now that we offer full in-house CNC Machining, we can offer a wider array of services for our clients with better pricing and availability.

The bottom line is the fact that we have become a reliable and trusted engine builder and machine engineering firm. Our services and capability are unmatched in our service area and we take pride in every job we complete. Please contact us today to learn more or to discuss your specific needs.

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